Timbangan Gantung Nagata tipe HB-03 1.5t~2.5t


Menyediakan Timbangan Gantung Nagata tipe HB-03 1.5t~2.5


  • Rugged cast alum. Alloyed housing
  • Capacity. 1.5t / 2t
  • Accu.1/2000~1/3000
  • Super bright red LED 1″ display
  • Patented Load Cell technology to prevent overload damage and in-accurate weighing.
  • Patentedboth in Taiwan & USA
  • Patented non-screw innovative connection between upper-ring, Load Cell and bottom-hook to avoid loose or breakage problems.
  • Safety overload: 250% of the scale capacity
  • Ultimate overload:400%~500% of the scale capacity
  • 360°swivel hook
  • Auto zero and tare function
  • Low battery power and charging indication
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • CE approved


  • Wireless remote controller
  • Anti-heat device


Model HB-03
Capacity 1.5t 2t
Division  500g 1kg 
Display 1″ red LED
Power Rechargeable battery DC6V/10A or AC adaptor 6V/1A
Battery life approx. 150hours after fully charged

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