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Iwaki Direct Drive Pump RD Series


Max. discharge capacity range: 3.8 to 70 L/min

Easy-to-install canned motor pumps

Features of RD series

Compact and lightweight with a seal-less structure

The canned motor type products in our RD series are light and compact. Unlike conventional magnetic drive pumps, they do not require a large amount of space for installation. Their seal-less structure eliminates leaks and problems involving seal replacement.

Facilitating standard compliance

The RD series pumps power source voltage is classified as safety voltage (50 V or less), which allow the user to easily comply with international standards such as UL, CSA, CE and GS.

Long life

A DC brushless motor is employed as the pump drive. This type of motor reduces concerns over brush abrasion, ensuring a service life as long as that of an AC motor.

Typical applications/p>

  1. Medical care: Biochemical analysis, cooling devices, poultice/low temperature therapeutic machines, cooling for laser treatment
  2. Physical/chemical analysis: Thermostatic devices, demineralizers, a variety of analyzers
  3. Automatic vending machine: Dispensers
  4. Photography: Automatic film developers, x-ray film developers
  5. Semiconductors: Cooling devices
  6. Surface treatment: Small-scale plating machines
  7. Solar power systems: Electric water heaters, solar battery collectors
  8. Electric cars: Radiators, heaters




RD-05, 05H, 20, 30, 30CV

RD-12, 12Z

RD-40, 40X

Max. discharge capacity range

4.7 to 23.5 L/min

3.8 to 12.7 L/min

25 to 70 L/min

Max. head range

3.6 to 11.5 m

6.8 to 10.5 m

8 to 15 m

Main materials




Required power range

4.4 to 45W  24VDC

4.4 to 45W  24VDC

72 to 85W  24VDC

Liquid temp. range

0 to 80˚C

0 to 75˚C

0 to 80˚C

Sealing method

Seal-less construction

Seal-less construction

Seal-less construction