Mitsubishi PLC MELSEC A Series – A171SHCPUN


Application Mitsubishi PLC A171SHCPUN :

PLC has been widely used in domestic and foreign iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, transportation, environmental protection and cultural entertainment and other industries

Function Mitsubishi PLC A171SHCPUN :

  • Switch control logic
  • Analog control
  • Motion Control
  • Process control
  • Data Processing
  • Communications and networking

Features Mitsubishi PLC A171SHCPUN :

  • High reliability, strong anti-interference
  • Hardware is complete, functional, applicability
  • Easy to use, welcomed by engineers and technicians
  • Armored for severe conditions and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements.
  • Read limit switches, analog process variables and the positions of complex positioning systems.
  • Operate electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, magnetic relays, solenoids, or analog outputs