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Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S


Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S ini tersedia dalam beberapa tipe, yaitu :

  1. Tipe FX1S-10M
      1. Mitsubishi FX1S-10MT-DSS
      2. Mitsubishi FX1S-10MR-DS
      3. Mitsubishi FX1S-10MR-ES/UL
  2. Tipe FX1S-14M
      1. Mitsubishi FX1S-14MR-DS
      2. Mitsubishi FX1S-14MT-DSS
      3. Mitsubishi FX1S-14MR-ES/UL
  3. Tipe FX1S-20M
      1. Mitsubishi FX1S-20MT-DSS
      2. Mitsubishi FX1S-20MR-DS
      3. Mitsubishi FX1S-20MR-ES/UL
  4. Tipe FX1S-30M
    1. Mitsubishi FX1S-30MT-DSS
    2. Mitsubishi FX1S-30MR-DS
    3. Mitsubishi FX1S-30MR-ES/UL

Controller dari seri Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S series memberikan fungsi yang luar biasa sampai dengan I/O 30  dalam paket yang sangat kompak. Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S series sangat ideal untuk aplikasi sulit untuk akses instalasi dan sistem di mana pelayanan yang normal tidak mungkin. real-time terintegrasi dan bebas perawatan EEPROM dengan kapasitas hingga 2.000 langkah program yang membuat FX1S menyediakan sistem otonom dan pelayanan yang sangat mudah.

Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S series highlights:

  • 10 to 30 inputs and outputs
  • High processing speed ( 0.55? s per log. instruction)
  • Ample program storage space and large device ranges Integrated positioning controller
  • Serial communications options ( RS-232, RD-422, RS-485)
  • Analog signal processing with optional expansion adapters
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • User-friendly programming with MS Windows-based programming software package or hand-held programming unit
  • Expandable with adapters or display modules

Information Product

  • Available as AC or DC powered
  • Available with 10-30 inputs/outputs
  • Available with relay or transistor outputs
  • High speed inputs for fast counting tasks
  • LEDs for indicating input & output status
  • Two analogue potentiometers & a run/stop switch
  • Integrated RS422 serial interface
  • Can be mounted on DIN rail or a flat surface
  • Password access protection
  • 2,000 step program EEPROM memory
  • Incorporated positioning control
  • Integrated real time clock
  • Two integrated high speed pulse outputs
  • Square pulse output on transistor models
  • Internal service 24 VDC power supply on AC models
  • User friendly programming systems


Spesifikasi Mitsubishi Compact PLC Melsec FX1S :


Type FX1S-10M FX1S-14M FX1S-20M FX1S-30M
Power supply 100-240V AC / 24V DC
No. of inputs 6 8 12 16
No. of outputs 4 6 8 14
Digital outputs Relay / Transistor
Program cycle period per logical instruction 0.55 – 0.7 µs
User memory 2000 steps EEPROM (internal)
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 60x90x75 60x90x75 75x90x75 100x90x75