Pneumatic Hybrid robot CKD tipe HR


HRL-1 Series
Load capacity: 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 65kg

  • Thin and high rigidity R and Z axes inherited from HRL-1 series.
  • Ball bearing is used for bearing.
  • Position detecting switch, shock absorber and flow control valve are equipped as standard.
  • Air rotary cylinder is used on rotary axis while ball bearing used on bearing section.

Specifications_Pneumatic_Hybrid_robot_HR.pngNote 1: Load capacity varies with air pressure, speed, absorption energy, and the load’s center of gravity. (Value is for reference.)
Note 2: Adjustable stroke is not available for retracted side.
Note 3: The shock absorber is built in. Use within the following allowable shock absorber values at working speed and air pressure.
· HRL-1*F-05/10/15/15H pull: 70% or less
· HRL-1*F-25/50/65 pull: 65% or less
· Other than the above: 74% or less
Note 4: The speed control valve is an accessory.